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Well cared-for pieces will last a lifetime and will look fantastic all year round. We recommend the following tips to keep your home furnishings looking at their best:

  • Reapply the recommended top-coat, whether it be Danish oil or Natural Beeswax once every 3-4 months. These coatings help to protect the wood from the drying effects of the air and also help avoid scratches and marks. Both are available from all good hardware stores and even from some supermarkets.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a regular spray polish on solid wood furniture. These can contain silicon and other harmful chemicals, designed for polishing glass or plastics, which will dry out the wood and leave the surface looking patchy or susceptible to marks. Simply dust or wipe with a lightly dampened cloth. Do not soak the area or this may also leave stains.
  • Ensure your furniture is not exposed to moisture for any prolonged period. Moisture causes the wood grain to swell and can leave unsightly marks and stains. Swollen timbers can also lead to doors and drawers sticking.
  • Ensure your prized pieces are not exposed to too much direct sunlight. Lengthy exposure to sunlight can cause bleaching, making the colour of the timbers gradually fade. While usually not noticable, where a piece has been left say against a wall with one side exposed, you will notice a difference when you move it. This is also especially true on extending dining talbes as parts of the top are exposed all year round whereas others will only see light a few times a year.
  • If the worst should happen and you do stain or damage your wood furnishings, this can usually be remedied. Scratches and marks can often be sanded out before re-finishing. Splits can be glued and clamped together. If in doubt, call in a professional renovator who will usually be able to make it as good as new.

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