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natural beeswax polish How to Apply Beeswax Polish

Natural Beeswax Polish

Solid hardwood furniture should receive regular treatment with a quality finishing product at least three to four times a year. We recommend you use a natural creamed beeswax polish to keep your Mango wood looking its best. Not only does beesax produce a deep lustrous shine but it is also a low odour, clean smelling polish so will not fill your home with nasty chemical smells like other products.

Applying beeswax polish is not difficult:

  • Using a clean, soft cloth, apply the natural beeswax polish directly from the jar.
  • Apply sparingly, always applying with the grain (in the same direction as the grain) and try to achieve a thin, even coat across the whole surface of the wood. Cover small areas at a time rather than trying to coat the whole piece in a single application.
  • Creamed beeswax polish should not “clump” like a paste. If you find your polish is a little thick, or are using a paste type polish, simply keep rubbing your cloth over the surface until the coating is thin and even.
  • Take a fresh, clean, soft cloth and begin buffing the surface lightly, again working with the grain. Buff the piece until you achieve the degree of shine required. Beeswax produces a fantastic deep rich sheen when correctly buffed.
  • Stand back and admire your furniture knowing it is protected for months to come and is one step closer to becoming a treasured heriloom.

Natural Bees wax polish can be easily obtained from good hardware stores, many large supermarkets or ordered online from

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